Friday, 4 November 2011

Ice & Snow Shoe Grips - No Falls This Winter!

We’ve brought back our best-selling ice & snow grips this winter just in time for the forecasted big freeze. Magic Spiker No Slip Rubber Grippers are a simple but effective accessory for adding some much-needed traction to any pair of shoes or boots you wear this winter. The Winter Feet are easy to attach to any type of shoe – just step on the durable rubber frame and pull it tight over the front and back.
You instantly have grip on slippery surfaces, no more precarious slipping and sliding on the icy footpaths, the short metal spikes helps you to grip no matter the conditions.
This could make all the difference between walking safely this winter, and taking a nasty fall.

These durable, rugged, well-made soles will look after you in the bad weather and handy and due to the rubber material fold compact so you can keep them with you in your car or bag.
They also attach easily right over your shoes making them quick to put on and take off when you’re in a hurry.

We have all tried them on a range of shoes here at LA and were pleased they fit over work boots, shoes - even Sallys high heeled boots! Our delivery is just in - get them now and stay upright when the freeze hits!


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